Hello, Friend!


“Friend” is a non-profitable charity organization and rehabilitation center for the homeless animals in Dnepropetrovsk City – Ukraine. We cannot help all street animals but we hope that with the help of sterilization program, volunteers and support locally and internationally the situation in the city and in Ukraine slowly will get better…

At “Friend” we have a rehabilitation center where we keep animals with special needs, little pups and rescued animals that cannot survive on the streets, we take care about animals at few privet shelters, we have few foster homes where social sterilized animals are kept till home is found and we have a support from one dog hotel, where animals with sponsors are kept until homed.

What we are doing:

  • Our main goal is work continuously on Project “Dilly and Friends” – sterilization of street animals. For the past 18 month over 180 dogs and cats were sterilized. Most of the animals are back to the streets, few are homed, but we believe that in spite inhumane ways in Ukraine to kill strays by killings and poisoning – sterilization is the only solution to avoid litters of unwanted puppies and kittens.
  • Homeless animal today – loving pet tomorrow…Project “Open a door to a stray dog” – with a help of volunteers and publicity many animals DO get homed. We keep working hard on advertising animals in local newspapers, expanding the network of our friends and supporters, promotion our website and blog in order to home more animals.
  • Curing and helping sick and injured animals on the streets. Most of animals are taken to the foster homes, where they are getting treated by our VET Sergey who does all his “hand work” absolutely free.
  • Helping privet mini shelters, poor/homeless people that have pets, but not able to cure them or feed them properly and people who feed stray animals on the streets
  • Organizing campaigns in order to attract attention to the problem of street animals and against cruel killings of strays in Dnepropetrovsk and Ukraine itself.
  • Connecting with international organizations, petitions and campaigns websites all over the word as well as looking for ways of international adoptions

We are asking you to help us, so we can help them.

Loving home, financial support, international adoption, publicity, toys, food, medicine, building materials…but the most important is love to four legged friends…

Animals, like humans have its own destiny. Someone is lucky, someone is not, but we hope that less and less animals will be left to suffer on the streets and more and more will be lucky to live safe, not hungry happy lives. Animals also have only one life and it’s very sad when this life is full of hunger, coldness and fear…