11.05.2012 Lovely maпnets and key chains for sell - everything helps animals in need
17.04.2012 Dik-the dog cut by knife was homed )


02.04.2012 Thank you for the gift - freezer Bosch!!!


02.04.2012 three legged, almost blind and deaf dog found his home forever )))
19.03.2012 Mather and pups in very bad condition need help..
19.03.2012 Children and "FRIEND"
05.03.2012 New in blog...Waiting for the miracle to come, or «if the Friend appears suddenly
01.03.2012 The first addition of newspaper "FRIEND" will be ready by monday - 5 of march!!!

This is the first newspaper dedicated to animals. Strays and home pets, personal stories, sad and funny..

01.03.2012 Meeting of "FRIEND" and representative of "VIER Pfoten" - Austria